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Uilhoorn & Fritse Advocaten are a young, enthusiastic, no-nonsense and commercially orientated law firm that is located at Dordrecht and was founded in March 2005. Our client base, which has been growing steadily in the past few years, predominently consists of corporations, even a few from abroad. We are active in a wide range of industries and count e.g. Argos Oil (a fast growing oil company) and Vestia (a housing corporation in the west of the Netherlands) among our clients.


The solutions we offer are tailor-made, practical and effective and based on professional expertise, experience and ingenuity. Our approach to the legal issues of our clients, with whom we try to establish an enduring relationship, is pro-active. We provide our service at the very competitive price of  € 205.00 per hour exclusive of 21 % VAT. In some cases it is possible to arrange a fixed price beforehand. We also provide the possibility of a contract for telephone advice at a fixed price.


Uilhoorn & Fritse Advocaten provide legal service in Business Law (e.g. contracts, liability, insolvency) with a particular focus on Labour Law and Social Security Law, e.g. WIA (Employees Disability Benefits Act) and WW (Employees Unemployment Benefits Act). The savings yielded by our advice in these fields generally highly exceed the costs involved. Our specialism enables us to be and remain fully focused on Labour Law and the corresponding jurisprudence and literature. If an issue should transcend the Labour Law field of expertise,  we can fall back on our informal partnerships with companies that provide service on Labour Law related issues.


A distinguishing characteristic of Uilhoorn & Fritse Advocaten are the backgrounds of their founders and partners. Before becoming lawyers, both Conny Fritse and Mark Uilhoorn acquired experience in other fields. After his graduation in Civil Law, Mark Uilhoorn worked as a researcher and teacher at the Institute of Environmental Damages of Erasmus University Rotterdam for five years, followed by two years as a legal adviser at F.B.O., the employers' organization for professional soccer clubs in the Netherlands. He subsequently started his lawyer's carreer at an Amsterdam law firm in 1999.


After completing her H.B.O. (School of Higher Vocational Education) studies in the field of Human Resources, Conny Fritse was a district manager and after that a HRM adviser to the board of directors at Arbeidsvoorziening, a public organization assisting unemployed people find a job. In the meantime she graduated in Civil Law from Erasmus University Rotterdam. She started working as a lawyer in Dordrecht in 1997.


We have written several articles in the field of Labour Law and both have completed the PALA course, a post academic course on Labour Law. We are members of several associations such as VRAA, the Rotterdam Association of Labour Law Lawyers, VAAN, the Association of Labour Law Lawyers in the Netherlands, VVA, the Association for Labour Law and EELA, the European Employment Lawyers Association.


Should you wish to have more information, please let us know. In our office both English and German is spoken.


Telephone: ++31(0)78-6392060